“Sources, Solutions and Secrets for a Great Life”

The Wilson Group (TWG) began nearly three decades ago as a business and government services provider, and has continually updated and upgraded to meet the marketing, service and technology needs of the marketplace.

Today’s offerings represent A moderately liberal, millennial-oriented focus on best-self, and family-caring through Internet social media and Information as well as current articles by authors and bloggers

We represent a growing resource for Affiliate publishing of selective, popular and sometimes not-so-well-known, but high-quality, intelligent, responsible suppliers and retailers.

We Blog regarding suppliers, services, sound health and wellness practices, cooking, cuisine home, garden, fashion, health, weight loss, leisure, travel and communication.

Marketing is creatively pushed and pulled through Internet and

Social Media posts, followership and bursts, on such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, email service to our growing 5,000-member mailing list (Constant Contact), and some in-store demonstration projects.

Finally, as we reach out to our growing base through “free” drawings, posts, promotions, regular communications, etc., we encourage them to view us as a “one-click-shop” for all of their needs.

As of this writing, we are building our reputation as a Shopping Portal, using a fresh, current, “Smart-Phone”- inclusive approach to serve as an Affiliate publisher for, Target, Best Buy, Acupuncture Atlanta,,, Resume spider and others.

We are seeking Affiliate Partners that can smoothly blend with our dynamic approach to the “Baby Boomers” ” X-Generation”, and “Millennials”.

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