California Capitol

The Wilson Group (TWG) is a twenty-six year old California corporation that provides business consulting and support services.The firm holds a Federal GSA MOBIS schedule (GS-02-F-0109-X), and is an SBA 8(a) graduate.

The company provides services to all Federal, State and Local Government agencies, schools, non-profit agencies, businesses, and other private organizations in the myriad tasks of developing and administering strategic and visionary management solutions using high level oversight and focused operational services, as well as staffing and hands-on operations.

Our comprehensive, dynamic management solutions articulate with and enhance the effectiveness of existing organizational systems while using curent methods to institutionalize best practices.

We use a continuous improvement approach to treat each action as one phase of a comprehensive process, with each phase building on the accomplishments of the preceding one. Our overall goal is to our client in understanding and managing their business within the context of the ever-changing business environment.

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